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I'm riding 250 km to be a champion for children

Make me a champion for children

Thousands of Australian children are living at risk of abuse and violence in their homes, something I cannot fathom and feel very strongly about. 

They deserve a champion. 

That’s why I’m taking on The Champions Ride, so that Barnardos Australia can help to replace fear and danger with freedom and safety.

I’ll be doing my best to ride 250km’s (while Grace sleeps 🤞🏼) during October, to raise money to help protect children at risk. 

My interest in this charity was sparked after reading a story about a young baby girl who was almost beaten to death in the first few weeks of life by her parent, as well as a conversation with my Husband earlier this week about a young boy who is now as a primary school student reaping the consequences of the severe neglect he faced as a baby. It breaks my heart to know so many children suffer this injustice. 

As a néw Mum I cannot comprehend why anyone would or could hurt their own children, the most innocent, beautiful and vulnerable people on this earth. 

Please support me by making a small tax-deductible donation to Barnardos Australia.  All money raised will go towards this fantastic charity helping protect the most vulnerable of children. 

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