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I'm riding 200 km to be a champion for children

Make me a champion for children

Thousands of Australian children are living at risk of abuse and violence in their homes.

They deserve a champion. Even one who wears lycra!

That’s why I’m taking on The Champions Ride, so that Barnardos Australia can replace fear and danger with freedom and safety.

I’ll be putting my pedal to the metal and cycling during October, to raise money to help protect kids at risk

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Barnardos Australia. Together we can be champions for a safe childhood.

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Friday 29th Oct

Storm Lifted

Thursday 28th Oct
A massive storm just blew across the state. This wattle tree has never before been in the way of the path, but after so much rain it was too heavy to spring back up.

After the storm

Thursday 28th Oct

After the storm

Thursday 28th Oct

Came across a DIP in the road

Tuesday 26th Oct
... yet again. This town is annoyingly hilly, but I won't let it beet me... hummus keep going.

Ms Brown

Sunday 24th Oct

Making friends

Sunday 24th Oct
While puppy sitting at the in-laws, I cycled to Crusoe Reservoir, lapped it 3 times (3.3km), and rode back. On my second lap I stopped to let a metre-long brown snake cross the path. The 3rd lap was much slower as I slowed down to tell everyone there was a snake ahead. 'Hero' might be too strong a word... but I'll take it :P 

Maggie Season

Friday 22nd Oct
An 11km loop around the town this morning. Near the golf course I took five to hang out with some magpie fledglings, one whose body had outgrown it's small wings, and wasn't entirely sure how to get back up to it's family.

While admiring some stunning houses on the other side of town, I was whacked in the head as I glided down the street. An angry winged parent decided I was far too close to its nest and continued to swoop me for the remaining 100m of the street. I'm grateful to the old guy who yelled, "Oy, cut it out!" at my enemy. Above is the face of a recently swooped cyclist.

Trev & Lou take on C'maine

Monday 18th Oct

E-bike Adventure Excels

Monday 18th Oct
What a treat to go for a cycle with my Dad on his birthday. We cycled 6km south along the Campbell's Creek bike path to Merchants Cafe for a coffee, stopped via the Castlemaine cemetery to see the first of our Trewartha crew to land in Aus, then on to Johnny Baker and the Botanical Gardens. I took mum's Fold Up E-Bike for a spin: was harder work than anticipated because I had no idea how to use the damn thing.


Friday 8th Oct
Well, I'm exhausted! Attempted a 12km loop out of town and back. It looked easy enough on the map, but this town is so hilly that I'd already stopped 3 times in 10 minutes to catch my breath... at one point a concerned driver slowed down to check I was okay. So, I turned back. Baby steps. The ride home was VERY FAST indeed. 


Monday 4th Oct
There are so many beautiful birds to see on my trips around Castlemaine. Here's a kookaburra that let me hang out for a few minutes. It was fascinating to watch them keep balance by quickly flitting their tail back and forth.

Here we go!

Monday 4th Oct
I'm a little late to join, but fortunately I went for a bike ride yesterday! I'm aiming to get to 200k by the end of the month,  which is ~7km per day.

Every child deserves a happy childhood, with supportive adults and a good education. Given that it is my birthday on the 11th, instead of giving me a gift, please consider donating a few bucks to kids who need the support. 


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I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride it where I like.


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