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I'm riding 250 km to be a champion for children

Barnados changed our lives forever

Thousands of Australian children are living at risk of abuse and violence in their homes. 

UK Barnados saved my brother as a baby and gave him a family. Our mother worked there, where she instantly fell in love with Roy whilst ‘courting’ our father. Dad proposed and they married as they became Roy’s parents, he was even their page boy on their wedding day!

Mum and Dad continued to support children through their local community, schools, playgroup and the church. I was also lucky enough to have them become my parents too at the ripe age of twelve….poor Roy didn’t expect a kid sister then, but with open arms I was accepted.

Like Roy and I, every child deserves a champion. Even one who wears lycra! We know how much Roy loved a superhero (could never decide between Batman or Superman)…however, he was my very Superhero!

That’s why I’m taking on The Champions Ride, so that Barnardos Australia can replace fear and danger with freedom and safety.

I’ll be putting my pedal to the metal and cycling during October, to raise money to help protect kids at risk.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Barnardos Australia. Together we can be champions for a safe childhood. Thank you for taking the time to read through and understand something that’s important to the Carter family, even if no longer with us xx

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50% of our distance target reached! This is why it is important to me…

Wednesday 27th Oct
Wonderful news! With the support of friends and increasing activity 50% of the distance target has been reached…even crashing your bike won’t stop this Carter!

Big shout out to the Sarah and the Moses kids who have hopped on the saddle and put the foot to peddle to support. You guys rock! 

This is exactly what strength in numbers does, it changes lives and brings awareness to us all. By coming together as one, we have the strength and greater determination to achieve what we put our minds to.

It means so much to know I have this support, and I thank all of you that have shown this…not just on this champion challenge but throughout my life, you’ve all had a fantastic part to play. Thank you.

These are the final days before the challenge ends and I would like to ask if you can, please contribute, either with riding or sharing some dollars. Charities like Barnardos provide opportunity to get out and change lives of many young people, that without them would remain in the dark, unseen.

We all have a story to tell, and I know that without Barnardos my life would be very different. I would not have necessarily found the loving family and community that I have today, and life could have taken a very different path. Instead, through my role models, I felt that glimmer of hope.

Since day one of meeting what was then ‘Auntie Jane and Uncle David’ they showed me what life can be like through the way they provided service, often alongside loving, supportive families and individuals.

They gave back to the community not just in Ilford, East London but as far as Eastern Europe funding a school bus for kids to go to school and across continents to support missionaries providing education in remote areas for adults and children.

They never gave up on me, even when my mum choose to keep me away for two years of seeing them and those I loved…it was what they had shown me in their day to day living that kept me going, it created hope. No matter how hard it got, the hope still flickered away and got me to the next day.

Auntie Jane and Uncle David, after several years battling in the High Courts of London, became my mum and dad. That perseverance and dedication made it happen, not just of them, but my amazing social worker, friends and soon to be chosen family…at twelve I was adopted and became a Carter.

Mum and Dad didn’t stop there, they continued to support my mum as well as many other vulnerable children and adults in need…I still hear today, how they changed the lives of those they reached out to….only the last weekend, mums friendship and support was mentioned in a father wedding speech to his daughter about her commitment and love. These stories mean so much, as their loving memory continues and makes them still feel close.

Even after losing mum, dad and Roy to the big C, it is their love, that has kept me going. I miss them every day, still as raw as the first but it is because of people like them, that I have got to have this life. So, I have promised to do my best in leading my life by their example through kindness, compassion and consideration.

Barnardos, as many other committed charities, continue the work of people like mum and dad….it’s so needed.

 If you have the chance to spare a couple of dollars today, please do, as this money goes towards really helping out a little person that doesn’t have the means themselves. This is a way to give them a voice, to be seen and to support and provide them with new pathways.

Even if, just sharing this with you, it brings more awareness and humanity in what we do, then we are heading in the right direction!
Please help where you can. Thank you again, big hugs x 

First ride today and it was great to be back in the saddle

Saturday 2nd Oct
Started with a 16km ride around home and the gardens, nice to see smiley faces, gets some fresh air all whilst trying to create a flower pot image via my gps tracking! I know, the things I try to stay creative whilst riding…check out my pictures, looks more like abstract art I’d say!

Thank you for the support family and friends! 

Less than 24 hours to go!

Thursday 30th Sep
It’s a cold rainy day, and tomorrow the 1st October looks to be the same. Even so, I’m going to get on my bike, get cold, get wet and remember who this is for. 

There are little ones out there in awful situations, with not much hope, for the likes of Barnados there is hope to change their lives and provide opportunity.

More updates and diary insights to come…thanks for the support!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Go Girl


Isabel Carter



You’re magic! No intention of getting on a bike but totally support your cause and the difference you and agencies like this make in the world x


Ian Moses

Go get em tiger. Make the kids proud.





Good on you Issy, Susan


Christy And Doug

Hope you get a bit of sunshine, and a good rest at the end!


Camilla Martindale

So sorry to hear of your bike accident. Thank goodness you are ok. Best of luck with the ride.


Jenkins Family

As a great man, who meant so much to so many, once said "If you see a challenge take it"



Safe cycling


Charlotte Gilliam

You are a legend x



Fly (ride) high super woman, proud of you xx


Erin Douglass

You go lady birdie! This flock got your back! xxx


Michele Kennedy

Inspirational!! Thanks Jo for sharing!!



Meeting Roy and your dad once was enough to love them. Knowing you, and the love you share with your family - that's a trillion times more valuable than anything I could give, so I'll just give what I can right now and say thank you Barnado's for helping create one of the greatest families it's my absolute privilege to know!



Love you! Xx


Juliet Jolley

Well done Isabel, amazing effort for a great cause. So great to hear your passion and how driven you are to use your own experience to help others. Your Mum, Dad and Roy would be so proud of you. X



Go Issy, go!!!! Xo




Marky Mark

Go Issy. We love you sweetheart and hope you reach your target




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I hope you raise all the funds!


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Great effort. Hi from Aunty Sue etc.