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I'm riding 250 km to be a champion for children

Make me a champion for children

Thousands of Australian children are living at risk of abuse and violence in their homes.

They deserve a champion. Even one who wears lycra!

That’s why I’m taking on The Champions Ride, so that Barnardos Australia can replace fear and danger with freedom and safety.

I’ll be putting my pedal to the metal and cycling during October, to raise money to help protect kids at risk

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Barnardos Australia. Together we can be champions for a safe childhood.

It's almost 11 months since I drove out of the Bay Street car park, after 21 years with Barnardos, but I'm getting back on the bike to support the great work Barnardos continues to do. I've set my target at $1,100. 

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Patrick Kerlin


Liz Cox

Yahoo…. see you round the bay


Richard Elstone

Ride well!!!


Ian Burgess

Good on you Patrick.


Paul Ireland

Patrick, your energy never fails to amaze. Good to see you're still in the saddle. Paul