From Corporate Champion to Children’s Champion.

When you become a corporate partner or, as we like to call it, Corporate Champion for children, you’ll be empowering young people and families to reach their fullest potential. You’ll be saving vulnerable children from a life of poverty, abuse and neglect. Your impact will be seen in the smiles of children striving towards brighter futures.

When you choose to act today, a brighter future for children is within our reach.


Becoming a Corporate Champion will have your workplace thriving too.

We all love the feeling of doing good. A partnership with Barnardos can have a positive impact on your staff culture and engagement. By giving people the opportunity to enhance their skills and engage in the act of giving, you are enabling your colleagues to make a valuable contribution within their community.

Nothing feels better than changing a life. By helping your team live out their values, you enhance their own workplace experience.

There’s also the opportunity to improve your corporate social responsibility through positive PR and media coverage, community engagement and a wider reach to access new audiences through authentic content and brand storytelling.



For a time period within The Champions Ride, all donations can be matched up to a certain amount contributed by you.

What is Matched Giving?

You can contribute a major gift donation to The Champions Ride which will allow donations to be doubled for a period of time. This prompts brand awareness, an increase in donations to the cause as well as increased reach overall. This means that $50 would become $100, $100 would become $200 and so forth until your major gift amount is exhausted.


Contribute prizes for participants of The Champions Ride to go into the draw to win.

What does being a Prize Partner mean?

When you contribute prizes to The Champions Ride that participants can win, you are motivating them to reach their set goals. Whether this is for fundraising a certain amount, or riding to the 500km finish line, your business will be helping them to become Champions for children too!


There’s also the chance to get involved in The Champions Ride simply by creating a team or teams for your organisation.

Get your colleagues and business partners involved to create a team and fundraise for a worthy cause. If you raise enough, you’ll be featured in our Champions Ride Hall of Fame!


  • The opportunity to promote your business to The Champions Ride audience
  • The ability to widen your business’ reach to anyone that engages with The Champions Ride through social media, eDM comms and our website
  • The chance to improve your corporate social responsibility through your inclusion in this event
  • The opportunity to engage with your staff through a worthy cause
  • The ability to create a team-bonding activity within your workplace, raising staff morale and companionship

Make it your business to support The Champions Ride and play a transformative role in the lives of vulnerable children.

Other ways to get involved:

If you can’t get involved in The Champions Ride this year, we understand. That's why we’ve provided a couple of other ways for your business to be Corporate Champions for Children. Including:

Corporate Donations

Transform the lives of vulnerable children and families by making a donation or awarding a grant to Barnardos

Cause-related Marketing

Engage in on-pack promotions, in-store merchandising and online promotions to save families from poverty, abuse and neglect

Fundraising & Volunteering

Your business can be champion of children through fundraising efforts and engagement and/or volunteering. Any funds raised or extra hands that we can offer will go towards changing the lives of vulnerable children and their families for the better.

We need a champion for Australia’s most disadvantaged children. We need someone like you.